MorphL Affiliates Program

Partnering through MorphL's Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your network while helping e-commerce companies succeed through intelligent use of. Earn up to $2,500/yr in commission for each product purchased!


Lifetime Revenue Share

We've built the right incentives into a partner program meant to make you money. MorphL earns you lifetime commissions of up to 25%. Just make sure you refer at least a paid customer within 6 months of your last referral.


Get Started in a Minute

It's free to signup to our program - and it only takes a minute. Help online stores make intelligent use of their data by recommending one of our AI & ML models!


30-Day Cookie Life

If the merchants click on your affiliate and register with MorphL in up to 30 days, you'll still be rewarded.


Extra Benefits

Influencers with large followings on Facebook or Youtube can receive extra perks assigned to their referral links.

Up to $2,500/yr in commission for each AI & ML model purchased

The more customers you refer to MorphL in any given calendar month, the higher the lifetime commission you get for them

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Perfect match if you...

Create a new source of revenue by including MorphL's products and content in your own courses, emails, blog, and social posts

Connect your business audience with MorphL products to help them learn and grow easily

Love AI & ML and tell everyone you know about MorphL and help online merchants grow smarter

Adhere to our AI Guiding Principles & Affiliates Program Terms.

Customers optimizing their KPIs with MorphL


We offer great commissions, but most of our affiliates endorse us for a different reason: the quality of service. If you want to recommend an AI company that won't fail your customers, readers, or friends, join our affiliate program now!

Join Our Affiliates Program

... and get up to $2,500/yr in commisions for each product purchased

Got Questions? Check out the FAQ.

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