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What is European Data Incubator?

EDI (European Data Incubator) is an incubation program run by 20 partners across Europe. It gives the most innovative “Big Data” startups the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges set by corporates across Europe, such as improving road safety in Barcelona and predicting fraudulent transactions in supermarkets.

EDI runs for a total of three years, with one full incubation program (‘open call’) happening each year. Within each year, there are three phases: Explore, Experiment and Evolve.

121 startups applied in 2018 for EDI and 30 got selected for the first phase (Explore) out of which 16 were carefully hand-picked to advance to the Experiment phase after a ruthless pitching session (tech & biz) in Berlin.

The Winners

We were fortunate enough to be one of the selected startups which translated into a great opportunity to develop MorphL with the help of EDI coaches and JOT Internet Media input.

The evaluation for advancing to the last phase (Evolve) took place in Bilbao last week and we’re thrilled to announce that we are one of the 6 (out of 16) startups that won the competition. For us this is not the end, it’s actually just the beginning of the journey.

Just to put things into perspective, exactly 1 year ago, MorphL was just an idea on a piece of paper; not a single line of code written, no team and no customers.

Later On

Today, 12 months and a few pivotal moments later, this happened:

1. Google DNI Grant ?
2. European Data Incubator Grant ?
3. Stellar Team ?
4. Trusted Partners ?
5. Early Customers ?
7. Open Source Product ❤️
8. Commercial Product ?
6. New Website – ?
9. Huge growth potential ?

Many thanks to etventure Startup Hub and Jot Internet Media for supporting us and being part of this entire process. This is a new validation of the team effort that went into getting MorphL off the ground and the vision we’ve set out to execute: AI-enhancing Digital Products & Services.

Congrats for the entire team & advisors: Alexandru Bărbulescu, Alexandra Anghel, Laurentiu Marian Mierla, Mihai Cristian Pîrvu, Bartek Rudolph, Shane Freeman, Ruxandra Burtica, Dan Serban.

Don’t be a stranger: follow our story, try out our products and reach out if you have any questions/suggestions/recommendations.

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