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Google Digital News Initiative Grant for Developing MorphL AI

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Google Digital News Initiative Grant for Developing MorphL: AI-enhanced UX

MorphL is a machine learning platform that empowers digital publishers to optimize engagement and conversion rates by means of predicting how users will interact with their mobile or web applications.

The platform will record various micro-metrics and it will automatically test different variations to identify the optimum combination that produces the best results. By doing this, it’s like having a 24/7 in-house R&D department keeping the application’s UI/UX always relevant and engaging, allowing digital publishers to focus on what they do best.

MorphL introduces a shift in the mindset and work process of digital publishers: the intrinsic ability for an application to assess how a particular UI/UX element is impacting the engagement/conversion rate and automatically adapt to user behavior.

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a partnership between Google and publishers in Europe to support high-quality journalism through technology and innovation. Since 2016, the DNI Innovation Fund evaluated more than 3,000 applications, carried out 748 interviews and offered more than €73m in funding to 359 projects in 29 European countries.

The 50,000 EUR grant from Google DNI Fund comes as a confirmation of the platform’s potential to impact the future of product development in the digital publishing space and that we’re entering a new era of UI/UX development, one that will be impacted by AI (like many other aspects of our lives).

The project will be developed in partnership with PressOne (an independent Romanian digital news publication) and we’re going to post updates on our progress right here on Medium, but you can also keep in touch by following us on Twitter & Facebook and star us on GitHub.

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