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Company Updates

2020 was a rollercoaster.

As the year started we went straight into fundraising mode. Only a few months into it and we were forced to press pause on all of it due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Lockdown. That prompted us to rethink our options, to get back at our core values, and ask ourselves: Why do we do what we do?

Thankfully, that was easy for us to answer: we love helping people succeed through the use of AI. It’s that simple.

The timing for the AI technology we’ve been building at MorphL the past years couldn’t have been better and the second half of 2020 was a manifestation of that. More and more e-commerce companies sought out our help, investors started taking a serious interest in MorphL and partners reached out to understand how we could all work together to add value to our customers.

For us, 2020 in numbers looked like this:

  • Out website traffic doubled this year vs. 2019
  • Signups went up 250% since the beginning of the year
  • 7 new machine learning models launched: Personalized Recommendations, Frequently Bought Together, Related Products, AI-Based Segmentation, Demand Prediction, Price Optimization, Lookalike.
  • 32 integrations, including our Shopify app:
  • 9 AI recipes
  • +30M total active predictions
  • Up to 15% revenue increase for our customers using one of our machine learning models
  • Up to 200% conversion rate growth for e-commerce companies using MorphL
  • Up to 45% average order value uplift for e-commerce businesses using one or more of our machine learning models

Of course, numbers are a measure of the results, but they paint an incomplete picture. As the CEO of the company, I’m most proud of the team at MorphL and how each and every one of them stepped up during this challenging year. I’m filled with gratitude for all the team members, investors, advisors, customers, partners and supporters that put their trust in us in 2020 🙏

There’s more to 2020 than meets the eye and I’d like to invite you all to watch this space for more exciting news coming up next year. Until then, happy holidays and best wishes for the new year from all of us at MorphL!


Yours truly,

Ciprian Borodescu

Co-founder & CEO at MorphL AI

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