MorphL Data Partner Program

Looking to explore what results you can get from integrating AI into your digital business flow?

We're on a quest to partner with best-in-their-class companies so we can work together to implement internal AI/ML initiatives that create lasting business value.

Partner with us and get:


Up to €20,000 in AI Enterprise Services

Selected companies receive up to €20,000 in AI enterprise services including access to our ML-as-a-Service platform.


Up to €5,000 in MorphL Cloud Credits

Eligible companies get full access to our ML-as-a-Service platform for FREE up to 3 months or up to €5,000 in value.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Apache Spark, Kubernetees, Cassandra for the Community Edition and Amazon AWS, Google Clould Platform and Microsoft Azure for the Cloud Edition.


MorphL Solutions Partners

Our ecosystem of Technology and Solutions Partners helps leading digital enterprises build, launch, and ship end-to-end AI solutions faster.

Receive up to €25,000 in AI services and MorphL credits

Experience how AI can help you make better business decisions for growth.

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Drive innovation

When you join our Data Partner Program, we onboard you to a comprehensive 3-month program. During this time, our team dives deep into your data and implements a proof-of-concept AI/ML model and pipeline.

Drive Growth

You can use the insights these practical AI/ML applications provide to boost KPIs such as:

  • ✓ Customer Acquisition Cost (CaC)
  • ✓ Conversion Rate (CR)
  • ✓ Average Order Value (AoV)
  • ✓ Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV or LTV)
  • ✓ Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • ✓ New Monthly Recurring Revenue (New MRR)
  • ✓ Retention & Churn

How can I join the Data Partner Program?

If you are operating in one of these industries, you may be an ideal data partner that can tap into this opportunity.






Gaming & Apps



Do you operate in another industry? Please reach out. We're eager to explore new verticals.

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Eligibility Requirements

Own large volume of data – both structured and unstructured.

Dedicated team member to act as the AI/ML project champion.

Must adhere to our AI Guiding Principles & Data Partner Program Terms.

They worked with us


We have a number of high-profile brands and enterprise clients, always seeking out the next opportunity to drive engagement. We’re working with MorphL and a client (20 million page-views per month multisite) to increase retention and loyalty with AI-targeted campaigns.

Noel Tock - Chief Growth Officer, Human Made

We've been working with MorphL during European Data Incubator to predict user intent based on search queries so the account marketing manager can create specific and more relevant ads generating higher conversion rates.

Elias Badenes - Big Data Architect at JOT Internet Media


PressOne is proud to partner with MorphL for Google DNI and offer a personalized experience on our site by using machine learning to identify user behaviors to maximize value for our readers.

Trevor Lothrop – Co-founder PressOne


Leading companies whose products and/or services generate large amounts of data can achieve significant business results by applying AI/ML to make decisions for growth.

Join Our Data Partner Program

... and get up to €25,000 in AI Enterprise Services and MorphL Cloud Credits.

Application Deadline - July 15th, 2019

Got Questions? Check out the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779790.