Free User Search Intent Predictions

Use AI to predict user intent for your search queries and design high-converting experiences for every stage of the funnel. Understand what users want to do on your website and help them achieve it!

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Users give you this ...
MorphL gives you the intent ...
You give your users this ...
"New York city population 2019" →
✓ A well-researched blog article
"Chinese restaurant nearby" →
✓ A contact page with your schedule and an embedded Google Maps widget

"iPhone price" →

✓ A product page with pricing, features and a visible CTA

How MorphL Helps

You save tens or hundreds of hours of manual work. Instead of labelling data yourself, use your time to create captivating landing pages, better ads, and helpful guides for your customers. MorphL provides the intent so you can use your resources more effectively.


Upload your CSV

Please upload a CSV file containing one search query per line. The file size must be lower than 2MB and must contain a maximum of 1,000 queries.

Interested in classifying user search intent for a large volume of queries? Contact us at

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Become a top choice for users by focusing on their intent and increase your: conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, time on page & more!

1,000 Predictions for FREE

Get free, AI-generated intent predictions! Use Google Ads, Google Search Console or your go-to SEO tool to create a CSV file with up to 1,000 keywords.

Up to 85% Accuracy

After various iterations, we chose the highest performing AI model. It’s currently at 85% accuracy (+/-2%) for English search queries and we’re constantly improving it.

Supported Languages

We currently support English keywords and we're working on adding Spanish & German. Reach out if you're interested in other languages.

They’ve already tried it at scale


The high-profile brands and enterprise clients we work with rely on us to find the next opportunity to drive engagement. That’s why we’re working with MorphL to predict user intent. Using AI to identify intent saves us hundreds of hours of manual work and highlights ways to better serve our audience.

For example, based on these AI insights, we create targeted campaigns for a client with 20 million+ page-views per month across multiple websites. The KPIs we’re focusing on are increasing retention and loyalty.

Noel Tock - Chief Growth Officer, Human Made

We've been working with MorphL ever since they joined the European Data Incubator. We worked specifically on predicting user intent based on search queries. The account marketing manager uses these AI insights to create more specific and more relevant ads to achieve higher conversion rates.

So far, we managed to increase CTR up to 7% and ROI up to 28%, replacing the time we would’ve spent on manually labelling intent with working on marketing assets.

Elias Badenes - Big Data Architect at JOT Internet Media


We’re proud to partner with MorphL for Google DNI because it helps us maximize value for our readers. PressOne is a content-driven platform, so identifying user behavior shows us how we can build more relevant experiences.

Trevor Lothrop – Co-founder PressOne

Learn more about User Search Intent

Make Users Give a Click

Read the guide on how we applied our AI model to user search intent. Dig deeper into the possibility of automating this strategic piece of research at scale, no matter your company’s profile.

Webinar: User Search Intent Predictions

This webinar walks you through what it takes to use AI to predict User Search Intent for SEO & PPC campaigns. It's packed with practical, actionable tips you can use right away!

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