Google Cloud Storage Source

Compatible models

User Search Intent

MorphL makes it easy to import data from Google Cloud Storage.

A common use case is predicting user search intent for a list of keywords, which can be uploaded in csv format in a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

This tutorial uses the Google Cloud Console to:

  • Create a Google Cloud Storage bucket
  • Create a service account


Google Cloud Platform account

This source requires a GCP account with access to Google Cloud Storage.

Keywords lists in CSV format

A csv file can contain one keyword (search query) per line.

Setting up access to Google Cloud Storage

Please access your Google Cloud Console and follow the below steps.

Google Cloud Storage bucket

A new GCS bucket must be created. From Google Cloud Console > Storage, create a new bucket with default settings and upload your csv files with keywords here:

Google Cloud Console - Create bucket

Service account

A new Google Cloud service account must be created with the following permissions: Storage Object Viewer.

  1. From Google Cloud Console, go to the IAM & Admin > Service Accounts section.
  2. Click the +CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button.
    Google Cloud Console - Create service account
  3. Add a name and description for your service account and click the CREATE button.
    Google Cloud Console - Create service account
  4. Select the Storage Object Viewer role.
    Google Cloud Console - Service account roles
  5. Add a condition on the Storage Object Viewer role to allow access only to the bucket you have created at step 1. Please note that the bucket name must be prefixed with projects/_/buckets/, see this guide for details.
    Google Cloud Console - Service account roles
  6. In the final step, press the CREATE KEY button.
    Google Cloud Console - Service account create key
  7. Keep the default JSON format and press the CREATE button. Your key file will be downloaded automatically.
    Google Cloud Console - Service account download

Add data source in the MorphL dashboard

  1. Log in to your MorphL account.
  2. From the left side menu, go to Data Sources.
  3. Select Google Cloud Console and activate it.
    Dashboard - Activate Google Cloud Console
  4. Enter the Google Cloud Storage bucket name.
    Dashboard - Add GCS bucket
  5. Upload your service account key file.
    Dashboard - Upload service account
  6. Verify your settings.
    Dashboard - Verify settings