Data Sources Overview

MorphL allows you to connect your existing analytics tools (called "Data Sources") and feed data into ML models (ex. Shopping Stage Completeness, User Search Intent, Product Recommendations, etc.). The continuous stream of predictions generated by each model is then "translated" into different formats for use by other tools (called "Destinations") and pushed into those tools.

MorphL uses Big Data pipelines for ingesting data from sources, via their corresponding APIs.

What's a Data Source?

From the MorphL Dashboard, you can connect a data source (or more than one!). Once a source has been connected, the ingested data can be used to train multiple models.

A model can be attached to a single data source at a time, but our models are compatible with different source types. For example, our Shopping Stage Completeness model can be trained on Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 or BigQuery data.

Data Sources Catalog