Shopify Destination

The MorphL Shopify app makes it easy and accessible for Shopify merchants to solve common business problems through intelligent use of data.

By using metafields and tags, we associate predictions with each Shopify customer. All predictions can be used to personalize themes and marketing campaigns. This tutorial uses the MorphL Dashboard to install the Shopify app.

Watch the MorphL - Shopify setup tutorial


Google Analytics data source

The Shopify integration requires that your ML models use the Google Analytics data source. Shopify customers are identified and linked to Google Analytics data at authentication.

Sending predictions to Shopify

Install Shopify app

  1. Log in to your MorphL account.
  2. From the left side menu, go to Destinations.
  3. Select the Shopify destination and activate it.
  4. Enter your store URL and install the Shopify application.
    Dashboard - Activate Shopify
  5. Select the ML models for which you want to feed predictions into Shopify.
    Dashboard - Select ML models

Personalize Shopify theme and marketing campaigns

Each Shopify customer has associated predictions for each ML model activated from the MorphL dashboard. These predictions are saved as both metafiels and tags.


Metafields are saved in the Shopify customer object, as follows:


The metafield value is a JSON object, indexed by each model's label. For example:


will give you the prediction value for the Shopping Stage Completeness ML model. Please visit the complete list of ML models and their associated labels for more information.

Using predictions in the Shopify theme is simple, you can trigger different calls-to-action (ex. offering a discount) depending on predictions values:

Dashboard - Customize Shopify theme with metafields


MorphL defines tiers depending on predictions values. These tiers are saved as Shopify tags:

Predictions Values Tier Shopify Tag
Lower than 0.4 LOW morphl_<model>_low
ex. morphl_shopping_stage_low
Between 0.4 and 0.7 MEDIUM morphl_<model>_medium
ex. morphl_cart_abandonment_medium
Higher than 0.7 HIGH morphl_<model>_high
ex. morphl_ctlv_high

Please visit the complete list of ML models and their associated labels for more information.

Dashboard - Customize Shopify theme with metafields