Convert undecided customers on Shopify

The shopping stage model can be used in combination with the cart abandonment model to identify undecided customers and incentivize them to purchase by offering personalized discount codes.

Google Analytics
Shopping Stage
Cart Abandonment

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Connect to Google Analytics

Start by connecting your Google Analytics account and grant access to the required permissions. Once the account, property and view have been selected, MorphL will automatically configure the necessary custom dimensions (client ID and session ID) and will begin ingesting the data.


Generate Predictions

Once the shopping stage and cart abandonment models have been activated, MorphL will begin generating predictions (at the user level) which will be available in the dashboard and API. Different thresholds can be defined to segment users into low, medium or high quartiles.

Activate the MorphL - Shopify integration

Navigate to Integrations > Shopify and enter your Shopify domain name. This step will install the MorphL - Shopify app. Once the required permissions have been granted, MorphL will be able to associate predictions with each customer you have on your Shopify store.


Display Personalized Discount Codes

At this point MorphL predictions are available in the Shopify store and can be used in two ways: (1) to customize the theme using metafields and (2) to segment and target your customers using tags.

You can use metafields to display personalized messages only for those users with a high threshold for shopping stage and cart abandonment.

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