Understand the user search intent and personalize the Shopify buying experience

Predict user intent for search queries and design high-converting Shopify experiences for every stage of the funnel. Understand what users want to do in your Shopify store and help them achieve it!

Google Ads
User search intent

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Connect to Google Ads

Navigate to Data Sources > Google Ads and authenticate with Google. Make sure the conversion tracking tag is correctly installed - more details here.


Generate User Search Intents

The user search intent model predicts how likely it is for a query to express one of the three types of intent: informational, navigational, consideration and transactional.

Activate the MorphL - Shopify integration

Navigate to Integrations > Shopify and enter your Shopify domain name. This step will install the MorphL - Shopify app. Once the required permissions have been granted, MorphL will be able to associate intent predictions to each user visiting your Shopify store.


Personalize the landing pages based on intent

At this point MorphL predictions are available in the Shopify store and can be used in two ways: (1) to customize the theme using metafields and (2) to segment and target your customers using tags.

For informational queries, users can be provided with a detailed version of the product or category pages, satisfying their need for more information.

Alternatively, for consideration queries, the focus should be on the value the product could provide to the buyer and potentially offering a voucher code to help with the decision.

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