Use Shopify and Klaviyo to reduce customer attrition by focusing on users with moderate and high churn prediction

Identify customers that are at the risk of not coming back to your Shopify store for a new order in a given time interval.

Churning users

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Activate the MorphL - Shopify integration

Navigate to Integrations > Shopify and enter your Shopify domain name. This step will install the MorphL - Shopify app. Once the required permissions have been granted, MorphL will be able to associate product recommendations to each user visiting your Shopify store.


Connect to Google Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics account and grant access to the required permissions. Once the account, property and view have been selected, MorphL will automatically configure the necessary custom dimensions (client ID and session ID) and will begin ingesting the data.

Identify Churning Users

MorphL associates a churn prediction value for each user. This prediction value represents the risk of a user to “break up” and stop buying, in a given timeframe. Churn predictions can be used to segment users based on different thresholds: Low (up to 40%), Medium (40-60%), High (>60%).


Send targeted emails with Klaviyo

At this point MorphL predictions are available in the dashboard, API and imported into the Shopify store.

In Klaviyo, by using tags, customers can be segmented and targeted with predictive email marketing campaigns that prompt users to revisit your recent special offers.

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