MorphL Cloud

Generating 774,630 weekly active predictions, used by e-commerce companies to personalize their customer experiences and increase ROI

Open Accessible Easy-to-use

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Easy to use dashboard

Use the MorphL dashboard to switch on ML models and see predictions as clear visualizations.

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Compatible with your marketing stack

Leverage AI to coordinate your marketing stack and improve your campaign accuracy.

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Designed for a fast time-to-insight

Get up and running with AI-fueled e-commerce growth in hours instead of months.

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API-centric for custom setups

Integrate ML models into your workflow using MorphL's REST API to accommodate your particular requirements.

Get up & running with one-to-one personalization at scale using AI & ML

MorphL Cloud consists of a machine learning layer sitting between your existing data sources and marketing tools. This allows you to coordinate your current data, assets, and marketing stack for growth using AI-driven personalization.

Data sources

Data sources

Use your existing data from your already implemented analytics platforms.

ML Models

Machine Learning Models

Select from a suite of high-accuracy machine learning models tailored for your e-commerce business.



Add AI-fueled insights to your marketing platforms and scale personalization through thoughtful automation.

Connect your data sources

Connect to any data source you have on the spot. Just go to the MorphL Cloud dashboard and enable access. No coding required.

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Select between machine learning models

Switch on the ML models you need and see predictions about your users' behavior: next shopping stage, cart abandonment or churn risk, and many more.

Explore ML Models Catalog

Integrate AI-fueled insights into marketing flows

Keep using the same tools for creating your AI-infused content tweaks, advertising campaigns, email notifications and more.

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MorphL Cloud in action

MorphL Cloud consists of a Dashboard and a REST API, making it easy for analytics-savvy marketers and developers to collaborate and integrate hyper-personalization at scale.


Applied AI & ML for e-commerce personalization

See how MorphL works in real-life scenarios: upsell the right customers at the right time, improve ROI for ad campaigns, boost users engagement.

Ecommerce: upsell the right customers at the right time

Learn how you can anticipate your customers’ next shopping stage and cater to their individual needs.

Ad tech: Improve ROI for ad campaigns

Bridge the gap between your KPIs and the customers’ needs to improve everyone’s experience, starting with user intent.

Media publishers: Boost reader engagement

Learn how you can leverage tactics that enable a fully personalized experience that captivates readers’ attention.

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