AI Maturity Score

Use the questions below to evaluate where you stand in the AI maturity model and uncover what steps you can take to advance your Al initiatives.


image mr-3 Collect, store, access & review data (1/5)

We're collecting & storing data for our e-commerce business.

We're evaluating better ways to collect & store data on visitors, users, customers and transactions.

We're analyzing our analytics data to extract insights.

image mr-3 Early AI interest (2/5)

Our company's leadership interest in using E-commerce AI/ML is:

We discuss and evaluate E-commerce AI/ML solutions:

Confidence in implementing an AI/ML project in the coming 90 days:

image mr-3 AI experimentation (3/5)

At least 1 (one) proof-of-concept machine learning model has been developed in our organization.

Open to use (or have used) 3rd party platforms that offer end-to-end AI/ML solutions.

At least 1 (one) pilot/project has been validated and the AI/ML solution is production-ready.

image mr-3 AI in production (4/5)

Momentum has been lost after initial AI/ML model has been deployed in production. No further AI/ML experimentation or improvements were made due to lack of resources ($, specialists).

We have been using AI/ML for more than 12 months and we're ready to commit to hiring an AI/ML team.

Hiring a dedicated in-house AI/ML team is our #1 priority for our organization in the next 12 months.

image mr-3 AI used for disruptive new digital business models (5/5)

We have a dedicated AI/ML team in our organization that is actively exploring for new AI/ML solutions to optimize our processes and innovate our products/services.

The ethics concerning our AI/ML solutions are frequently addressed.

Our organization's DNA is 100% AI-first: all new digital projects at least consider AI/ML, and new products and services have embedded AI/ML.


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