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What Bite-sized AI is all about

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Getting to the point

Want to get to the meaty part of AI insights and conversation but simply can’t find the time?

We have your back! We work with and read about this stuff all day long (every day), so we’ve concentrated hundreds of resources and conversations into bite-sized AI knowledge you can actually apply!

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Emails may include whimsical remarks or playful puns because life is too short not to enjoy our jobs and the tech that makes them more impactful!

Artificial Intelligence Illustration
Artificial Intelligence Illustration

Visualize how AI works

Each email has a clear visual that helps transfer abstract concepts into relatable frameworks and models you can use in your work.

Forward them to colleagues and bosses to show them that working with AI is actually exciting and not inaccessible at all!

It doesn't get simpler than this.

You subscribe, we send you the email. Weekly. It only takes 5 minutes (tops!) to read it. That's less than 2 scrolls on any given social media channel.

You get to learn and apply your AI knowledge for FREE! And we share the funniest GIFs we found online. This is clearly a win-win situation.

No spam ever! Ever, ever. Only weekly AI for growth tips.

Our Promise

We started MorphL in 2018 with the clear mission of making AI open, accessible and easy-to-use for growth-minded professionals like you. We're now supported by Google DNI, European Data Incubator and Techstars Montreal AI and we coulnd't be more thrilled for the journey ahead. Whether we do it through our AI platform or through articles, webinars, whitepapers, podcasts and playbooks, we're here to help you and your organization every step of the way.

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