How to build Agile AI/ML teams

Join Eduard Budacu, Founder and Agile Consultant at DOvelopers, as he talks about tailoring Scrum for AI/ML Teams to ensure a smooth and productive workflow.

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For experienced companies, integrating AI into their workflow is a matter of ensuring the workflow and processes around it are designed to support complexity.

Starting from running software development projects in elaborate initiatives, go one step further with this webinar and discover what it takes to build agile AI/ML teams.

From using Scrum as a proven framework to effectively deal with complex products to identifying potential points of failure, we cover both obvious and indispensable subtle aspects.

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

✓ How to effectively deal with the complexity of AI
✓ How to choose between project vs. product teams
✓ How to tailor Scrum for AI/ML Teams

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