Predict User Search Intent to boost campaign ROI

Join our CTO Alexandra Anghel to learn how to predict user search intent for your SEO or PPC campaigns at scale, with zero manual work.

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Know WHY customers want something, so you can deliver the HOW.

Learn how we worked with one of our customers in the ad-tech space to predict users intent for a volume of around 5 billion search queries spread around 17 languages.

Leverage the same AI tool that helped them boost ROI for their campaigns and increase your own revenue and SEO or PPC campaign performance.

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

✓ How to use Google Ads and/or Google Search Console to create a CSV file
✓ How to use MorphL (FREE) to extract user intent for all the queries in your CSV file
✓ How to filter the queries and get the most relevant insights to improve your SEO and PPC campaign content

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