Build AI applications with MorphL

Building an AI application or integration is fast and straightforward with the MorphL APIs. You can be up & running in as little as a few hours.

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Supported data sources

We cover a wide range of data sources: Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many, many more.

Machine Learning Models

Over 6,000,000 unique active predictions generated to date, powering AI applications for our clients.

MorphL API

We fully automate the model training and predictions in our infrastructure and all predictions are exposed via our APIs.

MorphL Architecture

The MorphL platform consists of two main components: the Orchestrator (sets up the infrastructure required for running pipelines for each model) and the Pipelines. For each model, the orchestrator deploys 3 pipelines described below.



Runs a series of connectors responsible for gathering data from various data-sources (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others).



Consists of pre-processors (responsible for cleaning, formatting, deduplicating, normalizing and transforming data) and model training.



Generates predictions based on a trained model. It is triggered at the final step of the ingestion pipeline through a preflight check.

Connect your Data Sources

Connect to any data source you have on the spot. Just go to the MorphL Cloud dashboard and enable access.

Shopping stage predictions icon

Shopping stage predictions

Cart abandonment icon

Cart abandonment

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Churning users

Customer LTV

Customer LTV

Product recommendations icon

Product recommendations

Next order value icon

Next order value

Next order date icon

Next order date

User search intent icon

User search intent

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Customers segmentation

Select between Machine Learning Models

Switch on the ML models you need and see predictions about your users' behavior: next shopping stage, cart abandonment or churn risk, and many more.

Use our APIs to embed AI/ML capabilities in your applications

Keep using the same tools for creating your AI-infused content tweaks, advertising campaigns, email notifications and more.


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MorphL Community Edition

We're also open-source and our community is happy to help you.

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