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Maximize the value you provide to customers and the ROI you get from them by infusing AI into your ecommerce flow and personalizing their buying experiences.

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Hyper-personalized experiences

80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that provide a personalized experience.

Automated ecommerce flows

85% of customer interactions will happen without human intervention by 2020.


Make data-informed decisions and design strategies to drive repeat purchases.

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How it works

In ecommerce, AI plays a key role in reshaping the shopping experience. MorphL enables you to capture and apply scarce knowledge to anticipate customer needs.

Process a large volume of signals

We believe the users’ activity (ex. browsed products, number of sessions, time on page, searches, etc.) and history are the most relevant indicators for their probability to convert.

AI/ML that goes beyond extracting insights

We go beyond splitting users into segments and focus on a much more specific targeting methods using AI/ML, surfacing a combination of characteristics that aren't accessible for human agents.

Automatically tailor the shopping experience

You can apply this key competitive advantage to optimize your marketing process, reduce guesswork, and to make better decisions - often automatically.

A suite of ML models dedicated to your eCommerce business

Shopping Stage

Shopping Stage - use it to identify & target promising users

Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment - catch potential buyers before they abandon

Customers LTV

Customers LTV - supercharge your upselling efforts with the 'buying power' signal

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations - the right product in front of the right buyer at the right time

Related Products

Related Products - products related to a given product

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together - upsell customers with bought together products

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Benefits across the organization

Explore how MorphL works in real-life scenarios: target the right customers at the right time, improve ROI for ad campaigns and boost customer engagement.

Increase lifetime value for loyal shoppers

✓ recommend products that match their needs
✓ incentivize additional purchases through highly targeted upsells
✓ provide social proof that matters for shoppers like themselves

Improve ROI for remarketing campaigns

✓ target users most likely to convert vs. "spray & pray" targeting
✓ personalize remarketing offers to match individual users
✓ reduce intrusiveness by using the right remarketing tactics


Post-sale support

✓ handling of complaints, returns, and refunds
✓ limited-time offers to generate quick follow-up purchases
✓ automated emails that provide personalized offers


Predictive inventory management

✓ previous, current, and projected sales throughput
✓ anticipated changes in market demand
✓ weather systems that can delay deliveries

Customers optimizing their KPIs with MorphL

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