Artificial Intelligence for modern marketing

We automate the generation of user insights to give marketers full control of their AI capabilities and certainty about what’s really driving performance.

Open Accessible Easy-to-use

Hyper-personalized experiences

80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that provide a personalized experience - you can do that with MorphL.

Automated ecommerce flows

85% of customer interactions will happen without human intervention by 2020. You get to focus on the big picture.


You save time with automated data-informed decisions and design AI-based strategies to drive growth.

No AI/ML coding

Not a developer? Not a problem! MorphL empowers you to use AI/ML by removing the need for coding.

Connect your Data Sources

Connect to any data source you have on the spot. Just go to the MorphL Cloud dashboard and enable access. No coding required.

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Select between Machine Learning Models

Switch on the ML models you need and see predictions about your users' behavior: next shopping stage, cart abandonment or churn risk, and many more.

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Integrate AI-fueled insights into marketing flows

Keep using the same tools for creating your AI-infused content tweaks, advertising campaigns, email notifications and more.

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Benefits across the marketing department

Explore how MorphL works in real-life scenarios: target the right customers at the right time, improve ROI for ad campaigns and boost customer engagement.

Increase lifetime value for loyal shoppers

✓ recommend products that match their needs
✓ incentivize additional purchases through highly targeted upsells
✓ provide social proof that matters for shoppers like themselves

Improve ROI for remarketing campaigns

✓ target users most likely to convert vs. "spray & pray" targeting
✓ personalize remarketing offers to match individual users
✓ reduce intrusiveness by using the right remarketing tactics

Post-sale support

✓ handling of complaints, returns, and refunds
✓ limited-time offers to generate quick follow-up purchases
✓ automated emails that provide personalized offers

Complete overview of all your marketing efforts

✓ previous, current, and projected sales throughput
✓ simple implementation, get the data flowing in minutes.
✓ empower the whole team with business-ready data.

A playbook to help you achieve more with your current data using AI predictions in your daily marketing flow*

Research and Trends to Help You Sell Better


  • 6 steps to plan & launch a predictive marketing campaign
  • 4 templates for AI-driven eCommerce optimizations
  • Free business case template for AI projects
  • Intro to AI in marketing
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Read the AI for Marketers Playbook

*no in-house data science specialists required

Customers optimizing their KPIs with MorphL

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